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Hysterectomy Treatment in Pune. Hysterectomy is an operation for the removal of Uterus is one of the most common gynecological operation performed worldwide. A hysterectomy comes from the Greek word Hysteria means ‘a cutting out of’ That means surgical removal of the uterus. Removal of the uterus renders the individual unable to bear children. So surgical treatment is normally recommended when other treatments are not available.

When the uterus is removed completely through vagina it’s called vaginal HysterectomyNo descent vaginal hysterectomy is performed entirely through the vaginal canal when there is no genital prolapse.

Vaginal Hysterectomy is a technique that had already been introduced and performed centuries ago. Common indications for non-descent vaginal hysterectomy are dysfunctional uterine bleeding, heavy bleeding with clots, fibroids uterus, adenomyosis.

Hysterectomy Treatment in Pune by Dr.Manisha Munemane

In Painless Hysterectomy vaginal hysterectomy is performed using advanced technology The steps of surgery of vaginal hysterectomy remains the same.

The major advantage of Painless Hysterectomy is a scarless procedure which is always preferred by cosmetic minded women. So also called as “Stich less / Scar lessHysterectomy. It enables natural route surgery.

Advantages of no descent vaginal hysterectomy are no adhesions, no hernia, and no wound gape. If the patient has any associated urinary problems (Urogynecological problems) then can be treated in the same sitting.

Less operative time, less blood loss, less anesthesia, shorter hospital stay, fast recovery, low cost, less thromboembolic phenomenon- fewer chances of DVT. So less morbidity and mortality. Enables simple route for drainage. Less chances of urinary tract injury.

Fibroids up to 18-20 wks. size uterus and associated adnexal pathology Can also be removed vaginally. In high-risk patient non-descent vaginal hysterectomy is the preferred method. This route is more acceptable to patients so it’s the popular route for surgery. So non-descent vaginal hysterectomy is safe, feasible, cost-effective and provides a natural route of surgery.

Hysterectomy Treatment in Pune